Featured Protection Functions

Since APS Shakers are used for multiple purposes and test scenarios, this can lead to situations where the shaker needs to be driven to its limits. APS spent a lot of effort to protect the shaker and power amplifier against damages when operating in the limit range or due to accidental events.

Safety Concept

For this purpose, the shaker is connected with the corresponding APS power amplifier by means of a special system cable. Besides the regular power transmission from the amplifier to the shaker, this cable additionally allows transmitting signals from the shaker to the amplifier. Receiving an overload signal from the shaker, the power amplifier will immediately shut down the output signal and thus protect the shaker.


Temperature Switch
  • Temperature switch attached to  the coil to prevent an overheating
  • Useful if tests require only a low armature displacement amplitude and thus lead to a reduced forced cooling of the coil
Overtravel Switch
  • Overtravel switch attached to the armature to prevent mechanical damages due to an exceeding stroke.
  • Useful if tests require a maximum displacement amplitude or may accidentally exceed the stroke limits due to resonances
Current Limiter
  • Current limiter of the APS power amplifier is programmed by the shaker in order to protect the shaker against a too high current through the coil
  • Useful if tests require a maximum generated force from the shaker and/or if a particular power amplifier is used to drive different types of APS shakers