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APS DYNAMICS, INC. specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing vibration systems for modal test excitation, low frequency calibration, and component test. Products include ELECTRO-SEIS Long Stroke Shakers for modal excitation of structures and low frequency calibration of accelerometers, and DUAL-MODE Voltage/Current Mode Power Amplifiers for driving shakers.


The company markets its equipment world-wide through independent sales representatives and agents. Our extensive customer base in the United States includes major U.S. Government contractors, the Defense Department, NASA and other Government Agencies, universities and research organizations, numerous manufacturers and engineering firms. Internationally, the Company base includes manufacturers, universities and research firms in eighteen countries.


SPEKTRA Vibration and Acoustics Engineering, the foremost designer and manufacturer of vibration and acoustic calibration systems, acquired APS Dynamics in 2008. SPEKTRA continues the long-established tradition of producing high-quality, high-performance shakers that has made APS Dynamics the leader in the industry for more than 50 years.

APS Dynamics began operations in Anaheim, California in 1971 and now operates out of its facilities in San Juan Capistrano, CA and Dresden, Germany.

Product Applications

APS DYNAMICS products are used primarily for modal test excitation and vibration sensor calibration. Modal test excitation applications feature the long stroke capability of the ELECTRO-SEIS ball bearing shakers. Three basic sizes are offered: the APS 113 Series, the higher force APS 400, and the highest force APS 420 shaker.


For sensor calibration applications, the APS DYNAMICS Long Stroke Shakers feature Air Bearing armature guidance for exceptionally clean waveforms with wide dynamic range and very low cross-axis motion. Four basic models are offered: the APS 113-AB for testing small sensors and components, the APS 129 with a large air bearing table coupled to the shaker for heavy test loads, the APS 500 a small air bearing table for high-frequency, high-acceleration testing, and the APS 600 shaker for the longest stroke length.


System Products & Accessories

A pair of DUAL-MODE Amplifier models feature voltage mode and current mode operation, designed specifically to enhance the performance of the shakers.


A variety of shaker accessories are offered to provide test application flexibility. These include Auxiliary Tables, Reaction Mass Assemblies, Vertical Mounting kits, an Over-Travel switch, and a High Temperature switch.



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APS Products

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