Examples and Reference Projects

Excitation of bridges to test dynamic properties

Have you ever heard of the tragic collapse of Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 which was later called the “Pearl Harbor of engineering“? Unfortunately, the structure of the bridge had not been tested the way our APS shakers can test its dynamic properties.




Safety and functionality are the top priority. In aeronautics its important to test Determination of dynamic properties and fatigue testing of substructures during development and maintenance.

Photo: The APS 400 and 420 shakers were used to do modal testing at the large jet engine of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.



Seismic Simulation

How do earth tremors affect our infrastructure? How can seismic activities be measured early and accurately? Scientists and researchers around the world are investigating these and other relevant questions.

Our vibration exciters can use for scientific research in earthquake simulation and field data replication. The US Geological Survey for examples uses the APS DYNAMICS 400 to measure the dispersive nature of surface waves in the ground.

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Beispiel: APS 113


Vehicles in permanent use are exposed to enormous forces over long periods of time. If certain components are repeatedly stressed, material fatigue can occur. With serious consequences.

Photo: For this reason, manufacturers of forklift trucks, for example, need to know at which positions their vehicles are subject to particular stress and simulate a continuous load with a constant vibration excitation.



Monitoring of bridge structures

Bridges are particularly susceptible to vibrations due to their construction. Even small movements can cause great damage. That is why engineers and institutes use simulations to investigate the effects.

Photo: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University tested the use of portable dampers with tuned mass (APS 113) for pedestrian bridge vibration control.

Beispiel: APS 113