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Applications for ELECTRO-SEIS® Long Stroke Shakers

International leaders in research on vibration serviceability and its application to real world problems, such as Vibration Engineering Section (VES) have used our products for nearly two decades successfully. The APS Dynamics shakers with ball bearings were used testing civil structures such as concrete floors or footbridges in open space conditions. VES - formerly from the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Sheffield - have recently moved to the University of Exeter where they continue their research and consultancy.

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Our impressive new APS 420 is a Long-Stroke Vibration Exciter for vibration testing and modal analysis features a maximum force of 900 Newton, twice the force rating of our highest rated APS shaker. It is well suited for applications where high performance is needed in the excitation of larger structures at long displacements in the low frequency range.

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Fotomontage Shaker

Systems for Generating Controlled Vibration

Founded in 1971, APS Dynamics became the world's leading supplier of Long Stroke Shakers (APS ELECTRO-SEIS® vibration exciters) for Modal Testing and Very Low Frequency Calibration.

APS ball bearing shakers are typically used for studying the dynamic characteristics of various structures like floors, bridges, assemblies from aircraft or spacecraft, piping systems etc.

APS air bearing shakers are mainly used for calibration purposes in the very low frequency range down to 0.1 Hz. The air bearings allow excellent waveform purity with typically less than 1% THD. For heavy loads like seismic sensors and calibration with very low transverse motion, shakers with load tables are available where the load table is mounted on an air bearing guidance separated from the electro dynamic driver.

The APS product range is completed by a Portable Shaker, Dual Mode Voltage / Current Amplifiers well adapted to support the capabilities of APS shakers and Vibration Control Systems that allow a broad range of applications in vibration testing.

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Systems for Generating Controlled Vibration

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